Sunday, April 12, 2009


So what's the go with Google these days? There unofficial company logo is "Don't be evil". The fact that they need reminding is scary enough. Google has the resources to do all kinds of stuff. They own internet service providers like AOL, they control online video sites like Youtube and Omnisio, they've got satellite imagery of the entire surface of the Earth, they even own our blogs (yes they own Blogger). Google has a massive 54% share of the search engine market share, it's closest competitor is Yahoo! with 20%.

This is from ever-reliable Wikipedia:
"Daniel Brandt discovered in 2002 that Google placed a cookie on each registered user's computer, which can be used to track that person's search history, and that the cookie was not set to expire until 2038.[11] As of 2007, Google's cookie now expires in two years but renews itself when a Google service is used.[11] While there is no evidence that Google turns over information to the FBI or the NSA, the value of what Google gathers about users every time they perform a search, Brandt holds, is simply too alluring to keep away from the government's eyes.[11] In response, Google claims cookies are necessary to maintain user preferences between sessions and offer other search features"

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